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Golden State Warrior superstar Kevin - Durant recently said that Carey Owen is better than Alan Iverson. His speech began the fans of the debate, and even to the video game world. NBA 2K18 news to "super fans" as the theme, creating a "uncle uncle" and "answer" between the contrast.

Recently, Bill Simmons Podcast's Golden State star said: "Kyrie better than AI." I want from the skills up, like the skills, I told me in the second game some friends, I like, Kay , When you look at him, he makes you happy.

"You just smiled and watched him play because someone was skilled and you knew he had to make unremitting efforts. He had something in his bag that was the next level of something that you could try to teach your child to do, but you never Will not do that

NBA 2K18 News: KD do not want any questions with Alan Iverson

Kevin Durant in Simmons first on the two guards made their own views, published his "Kyrie better" remarks. Simmons thinks that Owen has more scoring than any ball that he has ever seen. He also said that Owen is a better shooter, higher than Iverson. After hearing Durant's advice, Simmons laughed, and the superstar of the Warriors immediately defended his claim.

"We may have to cut that," Durant said. "I do not want to have any problems with AI." "You may have to cut that. I do not want to let it go.I just say I think Kyrie has more skills.

NBA 2K18 News: Kyrie Irving and Allen Iverson

Some NBA fans do not agree with KD's speech, that Kyrie Irving is better than Allen Iverson. Did not see two players playing in one or the same time, it is difficult to compare. Named "Shady00018" NBA "Super Fans" created a video show of Irving and NBA 2K legend Iverson. Kyrie Irving and Allen Iverson's videos may be seen below.

SHady00018 agreed that Owen had better handling and shooting, but he thought Iverson was still a better player. "Uncle Drew" can not be as independent as President Never attended, rather than Iverson, he and Philadelphia 76 people. During that time, Iverson was a 76-man alone attacker who lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2001 NBA Finals.

At the same time, Irving and Cleveland Cavaliers only in LeBron James in 2014 to return to the NBA Finals. As the Cavaliers' independent superstar Owen could not even help them get the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. However, there is no doubt that he in the NBA Finals seventh game in the third hit rate to help the Cavaliers to win their first NBA championship title.

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