10 Specific Player Characteristics We Need To See

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Basketball is a team sport, but the NBA is a league of individuals.

Consider this: the Golden State Warriors from last year were the best team in regular season history, yet lost in the Finals thanks to one man's heroics. This year they are leading 3-0 in the Finals thanks to another man's heroics as well. More importantly, that man wasn't on the team that lost last season's series.

Granted, the two men are LeBron James and Kevin Durant respectively, two of the top five active basketball players in the world, but on the flipside, they are just individuals, sharing the court with eight other good/great players, without whom they wouldn't be able to succeed. The fact of the matter is that each player can make a difference during a game, yet some are more likely to do so than others.

While playing NBA 2K games is probably the most similar experience to watching actual sports, there are still things the series can do better.

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